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As a soccer coach, I don’t have to tell you that coaching a youth soccer team while traveling in tournaments is a difficult task. One of the hardest responsibilities as a soccer coach while on the road is monitoring your players’ food intake. As their soccer coach, it is important for you as their coach to give the players a list of foods that will help their bodies recover quickly and give them the most energy for the following games.

Four Common Myths About Nutrition Among Soccer Players PDF Print E-mail

There are more myths that coaches, players and parents may be following, but below four of the more common myths are dispelled. By following the nutritional guidelines below, players, coaches and teams can put themselves in an advantageous position before the match starts.

How to Eat Right for Youth Soccer PDF Print E-mail
Written by Tracey Mickels   
Wednesday, 02 February 2011 02:39

With good nutrition, young players can discover a whole new level of performance. A good soccer diet can also help prevent injury, reduce recovery time between games and create a lifetime of good eating habits.

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Some athletes consider food their reward at the end of the day; they save up their appetite for a huge feast at dinnertime. Wiser athletes treat food as fuel; they knowledgeably fuel before, during and after exercise. They get more out of their workouts and prevent needless fatigue. If that is your goal, keep reading!